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Almost Forgot!

Happy Birthday john_pullinger!!!!!!

I hope you had a Wonderful birthday with all the people you people love most around you :3... (well not everybody... since I'm here (?? xP))

On another words... Yuna Ito sometimes is just amazing:

It really makes you stand up and clap along or dance x)


Its confirmed

Air France AF447 Went down and crashed into the atlantic, I was hoping they did an emergency landing, but unfortunately I was wrong.

2009 is proving to be a very dark Year for aviation, 6 or 7 Dissasters already, 1 with no victims.

I pray that now by miracle someone was saved out of this tragedy, My prayer goes to the families of this 228 People :(

As I said, I will follow the development of this closely, I'm curious to know what the hell happened, I hope they recover the flight data recorder.


PD: Time for a stupid Midterm u.u

Destroying some Myths - Air France AF447

Okay, so I decided to do this post because of the people at work and because a lot of people actually made me questions about it.

Beware... Load of Aeronautical Crap AheadCollapse )

Those are my thoughts on this matter, I will keep you updated as soon as I learn more stuff, I honestly hope they find them alive... or at least somebody


Vanished in Action!

Okay.... Words that call for more words... Tiredness that calls desperately for a rest.... desperation on the edge of collapse, I feel those are the right words to describe the past 2 months for this dragon.

So far, Its been the highest and the most difficult trial I had to face, I proved myself I could do it and endure it and carry on, I feel like I was stalling, falling and falling, but somehow in the middle I managed to get out.

I'm not 100% out, but I'm certain I can say something and that is.... I'm past the worst. AND THAT itself its a lot, it means a whole world to me.. meaning I just passed a huge mountain.

Okay Now you might be asking... What the hell happened to this guy?.

I'm going to say it like this, Sometimes Double it doesn't means better xP.

Double Work: Well lets say it was 75% more, The thing was, my usual co-worker got injured on the knee and they had to operate her, Meaning... 1 Month License + 1 Month of "Passive" tasks (No weight carrying, stay seated, etc etc etc). I'm fine with this since I want her to heal properly and to take it easy, I know she is a person that can't stop doing stuff (she is very active) and this is like the worst thing that could happen to her xP.
Okay how this affects me? The problem of my work is that She complements me perfectly, When we work (and don't laugh at this) we act like one in the sense that I don't need to watch over her work, I know what is she doing while I'm taking care of other stuff, I have been working and training her for over 2 and a half years... so you bet we make a good team.
So I find myself alone downstairs doing the work of 2 people, so that means twice the work, and you are wondering if I get some help?
Actually I do, a co-worker who is a very decent and good guy is helping me, the problem is that HE IS ONLY GOOD PERSON XD That doesn't mean you are good at work, and he often works very slowly, I have to be over what he does constantly, he makes the same mistakes over and over again, but I have to face it, is that (at least helps me in a 25%) or facing everything by myself, I did that for some time and the result is nasty and believe me, when I tell you I ended those days wanting to go to bed and don't see the face of anybody because I was so pissed off.

Okay, I had days like this in the past, so this alone, can't possibly make such a horrible thing the problem was that I also had:

Twice the amount of classes: YAY!!!! yes, *rolls his eyes* I had twice the amount of hours of class this was because the university gave us an intensive course required by the air force over certain topics in order to achieve the commercial pilot license (This was good because we didn't had to pay any extra, this was because when we started the career everything was plotted by the rules of 2003 and this changed on 2005, so they were updating the career we could say) so this adds 3 hours per day to the 3 hours I already had.

This 3 hours were added on EVERYDAY, meaning I had literally 6 Hours of class per day, so I had this funny situation where I get out of my job at 3:15 - 3:30PM (I always need to stay extra 15 or 30 minutes sometimes to leave everything in order for the next day, I'm not forced to do so, but its best) To rush over to the University to sit for a class that started at 3:00PM. So I had to use a delorian Talk to the teacher and agree it was okay to be Half hour~1 hour late.
In the end everything worked so I started having this happy days When I get out of home at 7AM and Arrive back anywhere from 9:30PM to 11PM.

This was over a month, This was...hell.

I've never in my life wished for a month to be over so quickly, What made me endure it, I don't know, I just looked forward and run, run as fast I could, as much as my legs could take me and carry on.

I had a tired face all over the month, I could barely study for exams and yet I had a tiny spark of hope that it was going to be over soon. Now, this is why sometimes I convince myself that there is really a god that exists and does some little favors for us from time to time, in this case was Get over all the test I had with average grades... I didn't payed much attention, I didn't study that much for any of the subjects (I admit it) but I scored decently in most of them (still one mark pending yet so I'm knocking wood).

People at work, helped me a lot, I mean the people who I actually have to take care of daily the people who come mostly every day to request files often gave me encouragement and tell me "neh Its okay I will come back tomorrow, its not urgent" and seriously I love them Even though I want to kill them sometimes xD

So this month passed by as a blur, and I was on the verge of collapse, when a gust of wind came over to me and helped me out of this, Slowly but surely... I finished this Intensive classes and my co-worker is back doing "passive tasks" but doing that, she still helps me to organize stuff that doesn't need her to move that much, and that in my condition means a lot already.

So I find myself with renewed Strenght to move on and carry on, The only problem is that my reserve of energy is seriously damaged and I'm already as tired as I should be in November/december, this doesn't means I'm going to collapse in the middle of the year don't worry about this dragon yet ;), this means I have to watch what I do a bit more carefully and learn to sleep and rest properly when needed.

I went under a serious pressure on the last 2 months, and now its finally over... I have 1 week to go and my co-worker will be back by my side for the rest of the year (hopefully).

I have 1 week of license stored that I'm planning to take off in the middle of the year maybe, but I want to go to somewhere peacefully to rest and disconnect.

But maybe the thing that makes me happier and fills me with joy... is that I'm on the final run, I'm officially in the last 2 months with classes midterms and finals and then I'm over.... I finish. I'm Out of the university or at least out of the classes, I will have the Final Paper pending but that can be done with time and its something that can wait. I want to be over with classes for good I want to finish and I know this is the very last effort, the very last run and I'm confident I will do it, I'm decided to do it and I proved myself I could endure even the worse forecasts.

so that is the tailwind moving me forward right now, I still have a LONG and INTENSIVE way in the next 2 months, but I feel confident and I promise I will give my 100%.

What is left:
- Dispatch and Performance II
- Aeronautical Laws
- Management Control and Direction

- Ethics
- Financial Management (I owe this from summer school)
- Aeronautical Laws
- Dispatch and Performance II
- Management Control and Direction (If I don't promote)

FINAL CAREER WORK (Long Paper): Chosen Topic "Study and Creation of a Sustainable model of Airline for the Argentinian Market"

Once this is done, I will be over for good.

So as you can see, I have been through hell and I'm mostly out, I don't want to call victory yet... but I can help to look behind and be proud of all this, even if I had to pay a very high cost and even if I'm still in a cranky mood from time to time.

My brother was out for the past 2 months he went to Europe with a friend, he had been going around it and he had a great time, he should be back tomorrow (he said he was going to be back today, and since he HARDLY communicate any news to us, I suspect he is going to come back in tomorrow's flight that left spain today.... *sighs* my mom is worried and is bothering me a lot and its pissing me off). Sadly, I will lose my condition of only child xP and go back to share the room, Its comfy to have it all for yourself, because I can turn the light on whenever I want... something that I couldn't do when my brother was sleeping.

On personal basis, I have a few things I would like to share with you guys, I'm waiting for the next entry for that, and I'm going to post a mature filter entry as well. (Again if you want to be added tell me so)

I'm sorry I couldn't participate lately from all your Ljs, Know that I'm reading and following you guys as much as I can from the distance, but sometimes leaving a comment is just impossible either because I'm checking the lj from my work or because I have to leave in a few minutes...
I love you all <3 and know that I want to keep you very close, to this dragon you are very special people in general and I'm sorry I couldn't keep you as close as I would want to in the last month.

If you see me on IM even if I'm away Drop me a message or just tell me hello ^^ If I'm around I will IM you back for sure.

On this note, I'm going to leave you guys and I will see you VERY soon with a new entry, more rich in personal aspects that this entry lacks off.

Salu2 hoping you are okay and wishing you all good weeks!

Just here to say....

HAPPY BIRTHDAY silver_huskey I hope you have a wonderfull day filled with joy and among the people you love most :D!

Also for the rest... I have an update coming ahead, I have a ton of stuff I would like to share xP.

In just an hour, I will have to do an important task, for my friends and for the sake of my own career.

Its something I don't like doing, because I have to use my name, I have to use one of the last things my dad left me in order to take what belongs to us and defend our career.

This year, the university didn't open the First year of my career, along with others, the tiny problem of NOT opening my career is that they end fueling all the thoughts from the outsiders who are part of the Aeronautical Environment who in first place said a University Career like this won't work.

They left out people with expectations, they left out people like me who decided to bet on this and try something different.

And the worst among all, They put in danger the prospect of career I want for me and my friends who are following the career among me.

The career itself is just 6 years old, Being us the second year who Graduates now (of course we will have to wait until we get the license to receive the title, but that doesn't leaves out of merit). I will graduate with title and everything, BUT IF THIS STOPS HERE... Then the title would be for nothing, noneone here would have noticed the career.

And all is thanks to the bad management the career has, I had endured this for years already, but I'm tired and pissed off, when the Career Manager Said literaly "The first year was closed, you should do something..... I don't know I'm close to retirement so honestly I don't care its for you"...

I am SEVERELY pissed off, and I will use all the means I have to use, to have that person removed, I'm tired.

I don't know if I will be able to do it, The voice of my friends and some teachers rest in my shoulders, I feel like that now, and I've got my resolve...

Defend What is ours and to take what belongs to us...

In less than an Hour I have a meeting with the HEAD Academic Manager of the UNIVERSITY (He is waaaaaaaaay up in the chain in command). (Note... My university has like 45 careers in multiple areas of expertise, lots of buildings in the city and stuff like that, is a big university here and being able to do this... is important :P).

I'm sorry dad, I have to use your name in my advantage, I don't want to use the success and the favors they owe you, I promised to myself I wouldn't but, I'm tired... I'm sorry and is the only way our tiny voices can be heard by someone important enough to do something. I'm sorry I already took advantage of this a few times, but in the end they screwed up with your professional career... I'm not going to leave them do the same to me.

Wish me Luck, this is my resolve.



Okay, so life its not being that good with me lately, I managed to touch the sky with my hands and in a bit more than a month I was back down in the floor going to the deepest part of the ocean filled with darkness I have inside.

I'm not... out yet, but I have been making some progress, its fun how this things slowly starts to fix by themselves with so little. The problem now is that starting and going on with the day its something difficult, and until I'm not fully out of this I'm still going to be slow and feel bad at work.

I have decided to change environments as soon as possible (hopefully if I can do it by May or June...) I want to start working in something related to my profession, not as pilot, but at least something I could say... Well its aeronautic hahahaha.

My workplace its improving in what work quality means, but still there is a lot of work to do and up to some point it takes an important toll in my energy that prevents me from doing anything else.

I'm close to the end of my career, I am just one semester out and this has a sour "what now?" aftertaste :P, I have been sorting out goals for middle and long term to at least keep my brain busy with it.

2nd Semester I will start with English classes, I want to achieve Certificate Advance English (CAE) which is the title that follows the one I currently have (FIRST certificate) in importance, and so far is the level requested currently around the globe if you want to work abroad.

I have to study the possibility of a second career, YES... a second career. I'm suicidal what can I say, but there is a neat economy of transport career where you can choose the orientation (Aeronautical, Maritime or Land) in the same university I go, If I can cut 2 years or 3 with the subjects I have already, I'm so going to do it.

2010 its going to be weird, I want to complete Commercial Pilot by some point of this year, Along with my Final Career Paper (thesis) that I have to prepare, I don't know the topic or about what I am going to do but I want to close my career with a damn good paper. With the commercial pilot license, they will give me my title.

2011, If everything goes according to my plans, I will be able to make a second long trip, this time to UK. Something I promised I would do to myself, for years already. I am working now to be able to do this on January maybe, if I change my job by then, might be a different date or maybe even in 2010 :D.

There is another thing I want to try and is one of this "Work and Travel" programs they offer here, they are amazing possibilities to go and be on your own working for 6 months in a certain part of the world (Mostly, USA, Canada, New Zeland, England, Spain or Australia).

With the commercial Pilot license, with my career title and CAE in english achieved. I can step to the final goal. I am an Italian Citizen, you might not know this ;P but my dad did the paper work so that I would get it back on 2003, so I have been a citizen by back then without knowing it!.
This means I can work on any part of Europe ;P *grins* are you following me?, yes you read correctly I can try and look for a decent airline job in Europe.

From there and if everything goes according 100% to the plan..... the possibilities are limitless.

I don't know how my family is going to react to this, but being the situation like it is, there are no guarantees anymore, the airline here is appalling, the biggest thing I might be able to fly here is an old A340 and I want more, I want to accomplish my dream of having a decent airline, I want to show the people down here how its done, I know I can do it.

I took the decision of leaving my job when I found something related to aeronautics, because I'm not flying at all lately, it hurts to do those 3 hours by bus (round trip time) to fly only a single hour, which is what I can afford weekly. I don't like it and It doesn't motivates me to go at all.

hmmm *rubs his chin* amazing how this song can get your ideas out hehehe, Its from Kara No kyoukai Movies, its the fighting scene BGM and its a MUST see if you ask me *grins*, here check this out:


Shiki is <3.

There are a few isolated and contradictory plans as well, but I'm going to write more about them later. I hope to see you around, and next time will be an entry about the fifth and last year in Uni.


Just wanted to say...

Happy Birthday eurohybrid62!!!1

Hope you have a lovely one with family and friends ;D


PD: General Life Update Coming soon.


well I knew that I had to log in to Livejournal today because of something...

fun thing how the cosmos actually works, because I was kind of reminded unconciously about your birthday.

So here I am from work, wishing you Ac a very happy birthday, enjoy your day with friends and family and of course. BEER! :3!!!

Have a good day :D!


PD: T - 8 hours for Financial Markets Midterm xO!
WHAT THE HELL AM I doing at work xO.

Summer... Gotta Love it!

Current Temperature: 34°C / 93.2°F
Current Feeling: 40°C / 104°F
Estimated Temperature at 21hs: 31°C / 88°F


Add The fact that I must go to work with Long trousers and Go to university with Long trousers

Add the Fact I walked back home... and now I have to walk to the university...

Get the result:

A very Hot and sweaty dragon XD

I am not going to enjoy the walk to university xP..

Oh yes, thats the way summer is