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Juan Martín / Policho
14 February 1987
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My god, Its been ages since I updates this profile for the last time, lets see let me talk a bit about myself. I'm currently 20 years old, I live in Buenos Aires City, Argentina. Maybe you can understand now the reason for all those grammatical errors and invented English grammatical structures xD thats because I talk Spanish (Hola Amigo!).
My parents are divorced since 1999, so I'm currently living with my old brother and my mother. My dad passed away on April 2007 he was in very bad conditions, in some way I feel the loss and I feel sad about it, but I understand it was the best for him, because he was very sick and he was suffering a lot.

Okay, lets go to a better note, I finished High School and in the future I'm planning to became a Commercial Airplane Pilot. In order to accomplish that I'm studying Business Management in Aeronautics, you might wonder what this has to be with being a Pilot, Well let me tell you the reason of the career is that they teach you the necesary knowledge to become a commercial pilot and they ADD the management part.
I Not only dream with flying, I also want to OWN my very own Airline, I want to Write a book of Science fiction, I want to travel around the world, I want to visit many friends in far away places and I would like to make something to change the reality and the situation my country is going through.

I'm member of a Balto Fan community that its called "The Balto League" amazingly it has been online for the last 7 years and it keep uniting Balto fans all over the wide world, I'm looking forward to visit special friends I met there sometime in the future. If you want to know more about this community, visit us at: http://movies.groups.yahoo.com/group/thebaltoleague/

I Love playing computer games (Mostly Strategy and MMORPGS ones), music and Movies. I'm also a Dj in 2 places, first I'm doing a Podcast Show (which means... I record a show and upload it to internet for you to download it, if you want) for The Balto League and then I'm Djing Every Saturday Night at 8PM Central in a nice Anime radio, called Keiichi Net Radio.
Also I love to fly, I feel so free once I'm on my plane and flying around. Its a very comforting sensation that everyone must experience at least once in its life, at least in my opinion and if you ask me.
I love to look up into the sky and imagine me flying up there, free from the world, free from my problems and free from annoying people.

Favourite Animated Movies:
Pokemon 2000: The Power of One
The Lion King

Current Book: The Art of War and Executives by Donald G. Krause | The Curse of the Dragon by

About RP: I'm currently role playing a Dragon character, His name is Policho and he is a bit mad and crazy :P. According his mood his size might change but he will never be bigger than house or smaller than a tiger. He has normal dragon features, two long horns on the back of his head, he also counts with a small horn (with the size of tooth) coming up from the tip of his snout. Two penetrating azure orbs as eyes looks down upon you, also to finish he has a sharp fin that grows at the top of his head going down to the back of his neck.
Maybe the strangest and most unique fact about this dragon is that his Scales Are blue Colored in order to allow him to survive in the Alaskan Cold Weather, Even if he is a Red Dragon, his scales are "turned off" because he needs that energy to keep himself warm inside or else he would freeze to death (in places like Nome, Alaska, where the Balto League Chat takes place). He scales turn back to a Ruby Red color every time he became angry or when he is in a warm environment or even when he wants it. The thing is: when this happens the part of the body in red starts to irradiate heat rising the temperature around him.
He Also has a "Curse" which means that Sometimes... When he touches an electric or a modern device it goes crunch (Crunch means Broke), with time he learned to control this characteristic, but even with that sometimes he cannot control it at all (For example in a complete Rage mode).

Furry Code... Coming Soon

My Favorite Comic:
airbus, airlines, airplanes, animal planet, animals, animated movies, anime, anime ost, animorphs, anthro, anthrodragons, anthropomorphic, anthropomorphic art, anthropomorphism, argentina, art, astronomy, balto, big cats, boeing, books, brownies, camping, canines, card captor sakura, cartoons, charizard, cheetah, cheetahs, clouds, comedy, commercial planes, computers, cooking, cougars, darren hayes, delta goodrem, digimon, dragon, dragon art, dragons, drawing, dreaming, dungeon&dragons, enya, fanart, fanfiction, fantasy, father of the pride, flamedramon, flying, friends, friendship, full metal alchemist, furries, furry, furry art, furry comics, furry stories, furs, games, getbackers, google, gryphons, guilmon, horses, humor, huskies, husky, instrumental music, internet, inuyasha, jaguars, jedi, jewels, jpop, kiba, laptops, leopards, les luthiers, life, lightning, lions, lord of the rings, maaya sakamoto, madagascar, magic, manga, mcdonnell douglas, md-11, meteorology, michelle branch, minature golf, mmorpg, movies, mp3s, music, mythbusters, mythology, n64, naruto, natalie imbruglia, nature, northern lights, panthers, phil collins, piloting, plushies, pokemon, pop, pump it up, pyros, ragnarok online, ragnarok the animation, reading, roleplaying, rurouni kenshin, savage garden, science fiction, siberian huskies, slayers, sleeping, snow, snow leopards, social economics, spanish, spellcasting, spells, stargate atlantis, storms, swords, tennis, tension and the spark, the icy boards, the lion king, the lion king 2, the power of one, tigers, travel, u2, unicorns, ursula k. le guin, vandread, w800, webcomics, wings, wolf's rain, wolves, yoko kanno